veinwave leg veinsVeinwave™ is designed specifically for the medical industry and is based on a high frequency wave.

The exclusive method is safe, effective and relatively painless. Spider veins are cosmetically unsightly. They are too fine to be treated like varicose veins, but the thermo-coagulation of Veinwave™ is a complete solution and totally safe. Equipped with a Veinwave™ polarisation system* the practitioner introduces a fine needle over the vein and in most cases it disappears instantaneously. There is no bandaging required.

Veinwave™ can be applied to any kind of skin complexion because it doesn’t cause loss of pigmentation. It treats red spots and all spider vein on the legs and the feet. Veinwave™ can be used equally well on men. The sterile needle, for single use, is covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin, enabling a targeted action without any side effects.

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